Virtual Networking in the ATE Community

Chat & Direct Messaging
To engage in networking throughout the conference, attendees are encouraged to participate in chat found in the platform lobby pages for each day and section of the event as well as in individual sessions. In addition to chat, attendees have the capability to direct message with one another and to start group chats on each virtual platform page and in the ATE Connects STEM areas of focus pages. Attendees can also add a photo to their conference profile to personalize their interactions.

To view the platform Chat & Direct Messaging Guide, click here.

ATE Connects
The ATE Connects pages are open on the platform—and the conference features two dedicated times on the agenda where leaders and key contacts of ATE Connects submissions will be available to engage directly with attendees through chat and direct messaging. We strongly encourage you to connect in ATE Connects as this a key component of the event and offers ATE projects and centers the opportunity to network and connect with conference participants, explore the ATE community, and engage in the sharing of information, resources, and materials related to their programs.

To view an ATE Connects demo, click here.