Platform Access Tips & Requirements

The virtual conference platform will be available on Friday, October 15. AACC will email log-in credentials directly to all registered participants. To ensure your ability to access the platform, please note the following system tips and requirements.

  • The platform is Zoom-based, so please make sure you are running the most updated version of Zoom. Click here to  join a test meeting now.
  • We strongly recommend participating in the virtual conference through a laptop or desktop computer as the site is not configured for viewing/engagement on a phone or small mobile device.
  • Please ensure that Vimeo is not blocked on your system.  
  • Enable all pop-ups.
  • The platform is designed to work best on Google Chrome, but it should work on all current browsers, including Edge and Firefox.

    o Internet Explorer is not compatible with this platform and will not work.

  • As the conference platform can occasionally be blocked by workplace firewalls, we encourage you to ask your IT team to clear or whitelist the following sites:

    o and all subdomains
    o and all subdomains
    o and all subdomains