ATE Connects – Submission Guidelines
Deadline: October 7, 2020, 5:00 p.m. (EDT)

To submit ATE Connects session materials, click here.

Explore, Exchange, and Build Community in a Virtual Setting!

All ATE projects and centers are required to submit materials for inclusion in an ATE Connects session as part of the 2020 Virtual ATE Conference. 

The ATE Connects session is a key component of this year’s virtual conference and offers ATE projects and centers the opportunity to network and connect with conference participants, explore the ATE community, and engage in the sharing of information, resources, and materials related to their programs.

The ATE Connects session will take place live on Tuesday, October 20 from 2:45 – 4:00 p.m. Materials and information will remain available on-demand for viewing throughout the event, and for up to four months following the conference.

ATE projects and centers are asked to prepare materials for this session and to upload them through the submission link by the deadline of October 7, 2020—so AACC has time to prepare and post the materials to the virtual event platform.

ATE Connects Session Materials

ATE Connects session materials should be designed to provide a brief overview of your project or center goals, and highlight a few promising practices, tools, strategies, or solutions that your ATE project or center has to offer or plans to develop, which could be adapted or utilized by others in the ATE community. 

In order to engage in information-sharing, ATE projects and centers are asked to prepare and submit the following materials:

  • A 90-second video or audio PPT presentation (uploaded as an MP4 file) that offers a concise overview of your ATE project or center with reference to 1 or 2 key activities, resources, or promising practices;
  • A one-page handout in PDF format that shares impact data and/or additional resources.

As part of the ATE Connects submission process, each grant will also be asked to provide contact information, a session abstract, and a relevant URL and/or social media handles (if available). ATE Connects submissions will be grouped by STEM discipline categories, and searchable by STEM technician education focus areas, which can be selected upon completing the submission form.

Video and Audio PPT MP4 Formatting

ATE grantees are asked to prepare and upload a 90-second video or audio PPT file in an MP4 format. The maximum media file size for submission is 100 MB.  

All files must be converted to MP4 format and be 90 seconds or less in duration. Video or audio PPT files that are longer than 90 seconds in duration cannot be posted to the platform due to space limitations.

AACC will have all media files closed-captioned prior to posting to the event platform. Participants are not required to caption or submit caption files with their videos, as AACC’s event production team will provide closed captioning of all media files. ATE projects and centers are asked to submit their media files, with their ATE Connects submission, no later than October 7 to ensure sufficient time for captioning and placement on the virtual event platform. 

For a PPT slide template and How-To instructions and videos to assist in file preparation, please click on the links below.

2020 Virtual ATE Conference PPT Template

How-To Instructions on Adding Audio to a PPT file

How-To Instructions for Converting a PPT file to an MP4 file

How to Upload Video & Download as an MP4 from YouTube

How to Use HandBrake to Transcode Your Video into an MP4

One-Page PDF Handout Formatting

ATE grantees are asked to prepare a one-page handout in PDF format with a maximum file size of 5 MB. One-page handouts should share impact data of ATE project/center activities and/or list additional resources of interest to the ATE community. 

For examples and templates of one-page reports and handouts, please visit EvaluATE and see:

General Guidelines for Accessibility of Materials

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a method that promotes making instruction welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to all learning styles and abilities. As part of AACC’s efforts to make the ATE Conference program accessible, we ask that you follow some general guidelines regarding the preparation and presentation of your ATE Connects submission.

Accessibility Guidelines & Resources (PDF)

First-Time ATE Grantees in the New to ATE Funding Track

NSF asks all first time ATE grantees awarded in FY20 in the New to ATE funding track to participate in the ATE Connects session. First time New to ATE grantees are asked to prepare a one-page PDF handout not to exceed 5 MB to upload into the submission form. They may also prepare a 90-second video or audio PPT file, if they choose; but new grantees are only required to upload a one-page handout per the following guidelines. 

ATE Connects: One Page Handout Guidelines for First-Time ATE Grantees

One-pagers are a great way to share information about your project. In creating your one-page handout, please consider including the following information. 

• College Name

• Project Title

• Project Goal

• Project Objectives – 2-3 main objectives (including population served)

• Collaborations/Partnerships – List 2-3 key current collaborators or partners 

• Highlight 1-2 planned grant activities for the first year of the grant

• PI and Co-PI Names and contact information

For additional templates and samples of one-page reports, please visit EvaluATE

Preparation Tips

To assist you in preparing a 90-second video or audio PPT file, AACC asks that you consider the ATE Connects session as an opportunity to share your project or center “elevator speech.” It is intended to provide a high-level overview of your program and/or to highlight a strategy or resource of interest to the ATE community. It is not intended to describe the full scope of your project. You are more than welcome to include links to websites, longer videos, and other resources in your PDF one-pager to compliment the short video or PPT file.


Please contact with any questions.