ATE Connects & First-Time ATE Grantees

NSF asks all first-time ATE grantees awarded in FY22 to prepare a one-page handout for sharing purposes for the ATE Connects Virtual Kick-Off event. Detailed information on preparing a one-page handout is provided below.

For the in-person conference, first-time ATE grantees are not expected to host an ATE Connects conversation hub—and are asked to focus on attending and connecting with other projects and centers during the ATE Connects networking opportunity.

ATE Connects: One Page Handout Guidelines for First-Time ATE Grantees for Virtual Kick-Off Event

One-pagers are a great way to share information about your project. In creating your one-page handout, please consider including the following information. 

• College Name
• Project Title
• Project Goal
• Project Objectives – 2-3 main objectives (including population served)
• Collaborations/Partnerships – List 2-3 key current collaborators or partners 
• Highlight 1-2 planned grant activities for the first year of the grant
• PI and Co-PI Names and contact information

For additional templates and samples of one-page reports, please visit EvaluATE.

General Guidelines for Accessibility of Materials
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a method that promotes making instruction welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to all learning styles and abilities. As part of AACC’s efforts to make the ATE Conference program accessible, we are providing some simple tips and links to resources regarding the preparation of your ATE Connects submission. To access accessibility tips and resources, click here.

Contact with any questions.